Kitchen is known to be the min heart of a home or even a restaurant. Kitchen can be defined as the place where food can be produced or cooked. A kitchen today may be well equipped even with bar supplies. My personal recommendations are that it is the source of everything. In a restaurant or kitchen is a place to make food for preparation a cooking easier and more fun in your home kitchen. There are several tips and entries that are used in a kitchen. There are items that one needs to learn about the items in a kitchen.
There are several equipments that are most important in a commercial kitchen. They include

• Commercial fryers

• Char boiler

• Commercial ovens

• Microwaves

• Toasters

• Food warming equipments

There are different types of equipments that are found in the kitchen. Below are the types and definitions of how they used.

• Baking mats- they are made of silicone material. These are used to prevent cookies or and baked thing to stick and helps in cleanup. This is also called cookie sheet liner. They are made of variety types and sizes.

• Baking sheets- because people can’t keep off from sweet tooth. This are made to warm up appetizers before serving. These are made of small pans to catch the drips that fall from the oven. These have increased stability and more to stop grabbing on to the oven.

• Basting brush- these is brush used for pastry. One uses it for cooking on the stovetop or grill. Barbecue basting brushes are also sold as part of the barbecue tool set.


• Oil sprayer- this is an alternative for brushing on oil. This is a way to get a pure olive oil spray on baking pans.

• Marinate –this is type of a mixture that marinates food within minutes instead of one marinating for hours.

• Blender- this is used to blend fruits or even raw vegetables to liquefy them. This also used to make smoothies and also juices

• Clay cooking pot- is a new technique of cooking food in an unglazed clay pot which has been soaked in water so as to release steam during cooking process. The moisture released makes food be tender and flourish dish.

• Dish cloth- this is material used to dry the dishes after they have been washed. It is heavily made pure cotton in a waffle weave.

• Kitchen towel- this are cloths used to dry ones hand in the kitchen. This makes one to feel comfortable while in the kitchen.