Must-Have Kitchen Tools

muffin pan

• Muffin pan cleaning brush- this is used to remove any set or even cupcake residue on the metal muffin pans. You can purchase yours at Restaurant Supply.

• Omelet pans- these are usually non stick but plain and stainless steel. They are more likely to be used in cooking eggs.

• Egg shaker- these is used to beat the eggs. Most people may find it easy to beat the eggs by using a fork and mixing bowl works well for them

• Egg separator- these is used to separate the egg mixture. The white drips through while the yolk remains. These are mainly used in the pastry section of a kitchen.

• Deep fryer- this is a machine made to fry food stuffs in hot oil. Example : chips, sausages this is one of the common equipment in the kitchen

• Oven- this is a machine used for cooking in the kitchen

• Cutlery- these are equipments used for eating. These are the most important equipment that should be found in each kitchen.

• Floor mat- these is a material place on the floor at the door of one’s kitchen. They are mostly hard to clean

• Fire extinguisher-this is placed in the kitchen incase of fire the kitchen. The research commends that each household should have at least one extinguisher.

wine• Toothpick holder- these is used for keeping toothpicks in order. These should be mainly available for visitors in each household.

• Wine server- this is used to serve wine. This makes the wine be fresh for a long period of time. Vacuum sealer- this is an electric machine used to seal your food. This makes food to maintain its freshness and also flavor. This makes sure that no oxygen can go into the package.

• Storage set- this are used to store for when hot in order to keep it hot for persons not to reheat it when ready to heat.